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How To Clean Magnetic Eyelashes To Make Them Last

Posted by Sara on Aug 17, 2021

Magnetic lashes are a must-have beauty accessory. The effort-to-impact ratio can’t be beat — with a quick application, your clients can get stunningly full and luxurious lashes that could be mistaken for natural. One of the major points of appeal of these lashes isn’t just their look, though, but their longevity. Magnetic lashes can last much longer than typical strip lashes, especially if your clients take good care of them. What exactly does “good care” entail? If your clients are magnetic falsie fans, you should show them how to clean magnetic eyelashes.

These tips are essential to caring for and cleaning magnetic falsies. By adhering to these steps, your clients are sure to extend the lifespan of their lashes considerably.

Applying Magnetic Eyelashes

Learn How To Clean Magnetic Eyelashes By Carefully Taking Them Off

The first secret of how to clean magnetic eyelashes is to carefully extract them from eyelids. Too many people make the mistake of removing magnetic lashes too roughly and damaging them in the process. Show your clients how to take them off safely by following these tips:

  • Remove them using tweezers rather than fingers
  • Lift at the lash band rather than grasping the underlying glue
  • Gently lift them away from the lash line in one movement

Once removed, handle the lashes carefully to avoid damaging them. Gently rest them on a paper towel to proceed with the cleansing process.

Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

When your clients have the magnetic lashes safely laid on a paper towel, they can then proceed to remove the residual eyeliner that is likely clinging to the magnetic bands of the falsies. There are a few different methods that can be used to get this residue off the lashes:

  • Using fingernails, gently scrape it free
  • Dip a cotton swab in water or rubbing alcohol and scrub it off
  • Hold magnetic lashes above hot water to steam it off

All eyeliner should be successfully removed before your clients move on to the next steps of cleaning. If any eyeliner remains on the magnetic bands, it can trap dirt and debris that will become more difficult to later remove.

Scrub Away Any Mascara and Debris

With the leftover eyeliner removed from their magnetic lashes, your clients are ready to start scrubbing to give the falsies a deep clean from top to bottom. Your clients can start by taking a cotton swab, dipping it in water or rubbing alcohol, and gently separating each individual lash to wipe away dirt and debris that may have gathered.

After removing any residue from the lashes, it’s time to apply a gentle shampoo. A specialized lash shampoo is recommended for how to clean magnetic eyelashes and condition them in the process. Lash shampoo is designed to provide a cleansing effect without breaking down the fibers found in falsies, like some other harsher cleaning agents may do.

Soak Magnetic Lashes Briefly

The eyeliner is off, the debris is removed, and the lashes are shampooed. Next you want to show clients how to gently soak their magnetic lashes to rinse off any remaining shampoo residue and ensure that they are clean and ready to be worn again. The key here is brevity: soak them too long, and the precious fibers can start to break down. Falsies should be soaked for two to three minutes max.

To do this, set up a small bowl, and gently lower the lashes into the liquid using tweezers. Let them sit for a few minutes to complete this final step of the cleansing process before taking them out.

Choosing the Right Soaking Substance

An important part of the soaking process is selecting the right substance to soak the lashes in. Many people make the mistake of soaking in an oil-based makeup cleanser, but the oil can break down bonds in the adhesive and cause falsies to deteriorate. Instead, direct your clients to use one of the following substances to soak and cleanse them:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Micellar water
  • Oil-free makeup remover
  • Diluted dish soap

Each of these options offers a thorough clean for lashes without breaking down the adhesive or fibers that maintain their integrity. Your clients can experiment with mixing them, too, to create the perfect soaking formula for falsies. An effective soak can make a pair of magnetic lashes as good as new.

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Allow Magnetic Lashes To Air Dry

Last but not least, your clients need to allow their magnetic lashes to dry. Some people make the mistake of patting lashes dry with a paper towel. This can cause them to become misshapen or dry unevenly. Others use a hair blow dryer to try to speed up the process. This is detrimental because the heat can damage the magnetic lashes and cause deterioration.

The most effective way to dry lashes is to leave them out overnight and allow them to air dry. After they have been soaked for a few minutes, your clients should gently remove them from the soaking solution and place them back on the paper towel. They should then leave them there for several hours to ensure that they are fully and completely dry before attempting to put them away or use them again. This is how to clean magnetic eyelashes without causing damage.

Best Practices for How To Clean Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic lashes are a girl's best friend. They’re stylish, make the eyes look great, and are always fit for any occasion. It’s no wonder your clients love them as much as you do. Be sure to show your clients how to clean magnetic eyelashes after every outing so they can enjoy the lashes’ longer lifespan by taking good care of them. Carefully explain or even personally demonstrate all of these steps to make sure your clients are cleaning their lashes properly and effectively.

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