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Eyelash Extension Cost: What Should You Be Budgeting?

Posted by Sara on Apr 19, 2021

If you’re thinking of working with eyelash extensions, you may be wondering about their cost. Why are they so expensive in the first place – after all, they’re just teeny little fibers?

If you want to learn about eyelash extension cost, we’re here to give you the inside scoop. We’ll look at what makes eyelash extensions pricy and how much you should be budgeting for them. Let’s go!

how much do eyelash extension cost

How Much Should Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Wondering – ‘how much do eyelash extensions cost?’ Most people who want eyelash extensions know that they don’t come cheap. When clients purchase eyelash extensions, they can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending on certain factors.

Type of Lash Fiber

Remember that eyelash extensions are available in many different fiber options, which will affect the cost. There are actual animal fibers such as mink and fox hair, faux animal fibers, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Real animal fur is the priciest of fibers, not to mention it isn’t cruelty-free. This can be a turn-off for many customers. Faux versions of animal fibers are the next most expensive, followed by silk and synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fibers are the most affordable fibers, yet they’re also the heaviest, which may be uncomfortable for some people.

Amount of Extensions

How many lashes you place will also affect the cost. Many salons allow customers to choose how many extensions they prefer.

A ‘full set’ means the customer receives an extension on every natural lash liber on their upper lash line. This is the priciest and most popular way to get lash extensions.

A partial eyelash extension placement is usually called a ‘fill.’ This means the customer only has a limited number of extensions set, so it will cost less money.

For customers wanting to upkeep their lashes, they’ll need to get fills every two to three weeks.

The average price of a complete set of eyelash extensions will usually cost a customer around $120 to $150. It can become a lot more expensive (up to and over $500) depending on fiber choice, amount of eyelash extensions, and where you’re based.

Customers can expect to pay around half to three-quarters of this amount for each fill they require. Remember that this cost doesn’t include tips and gratuity. Because of the amount of time it takes to fit a complete set of eyelash extensions, lash technicians are usually limited to just a few clients a day.

That means your opportunity for gratuity isn’t too high. Many eyelash technicians cover their overhead and work as independent contractors, so many clients understand this and are willing to pay a generous tip.

The standard tip rate is usually 20% of the whole service amount. As a lash technician, you’ll make the most amount of money applying full sets.

How Much Should You Charge if You're Still Practicing?

As a new and practicing lash artist, it’s challenging to decide on the right pricing tactics. What’s the average eyelash extension cost for those who are new to the business?

If you’ve been trained in eyelash extensions and are still practicing, it may be worthwhile to follow some type of plan. For example, you could offer the first four to five treatments free to models.

Then, the following five sets, you could charge just the price of the materials. The following five sets, you could charge 30% to 50% of the total price. Then after that, you may be ready to charge your services at full price.

You set the prices for your services yourself. As a newbie, the rule of thumb is to opt for the upper half of the average market pricing. If you’re confident in your services, feel free to add a little more on.

If you go for a higher rate, it may be nice to sweeten the deal by throwing in some goodies, like eyelash brushes and eye masks.

Before settling on a price, always check your competitors as if you were a potential customer. Use their services, check out their salons, look at their website and soak up the general atmosphere. Use your knowledge to learn from them and pick up what they do poorly.

How Much Should You Charge at Full Price?

Experience matters a lot. If you have a really steady hand and offer high-quality work, then take the rate that reflects it. If you’re still a beginner, it’s likely that you may still feel insecure and understand that there’s room for improvement.

For example, you may be slower than average. In this case, keep your prices at the lower end to begin with.

The best advice is to be realistic and offer the price you think your work is work. Overpricing doesn’t help you or the customer at all. As a new lash artist, you should apply at least 10 to 15 sets of lash extensions before you think about charging full rates for your services.

After all, you’ll work slower than many skilled lash technicians, and you won’t be able to apply as many lashes as the client would expect.

High prices are met with high expectations. If you’re still a beginner, high expectations can be hard to meet.

Are You Ready To Determine Your Eyelash Extension Cost?

Eyelash extensions are extremely popular to lengthen lashes artificially. As a lash technician placing eyelash extensions is a promising way to gain more business and make money.

Haven’t started training yet? You’re in luck. Enroll in our free eyelash extension training and discover how much your eyelash extension cost should be.