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Best Professional Eyelash Extension Kits

Shop here for a professional eyelash extension kit. When starting to apply eyelash extensions you need a great eyelash extension kit to start you off. Lash Stuff designed an eyelash extension kit that is simple but still contains everything you need to get started applying eyelash extensions.  This eyelash extension kit includes award winning eyelash extensions for volume eyelash extensions or classic eyelash extensions.  Each eyelash extension kit has products that are carefully chosen for quality. 

An Eyelash Extension Kit For Every Skill Level

Lash Stuff offers two different eyelash extension kits.  The first kit is a standard eyelash extension kit.  The basic eyelash extension kit is great for professional lash artists who want a kit with just the essentials for applying eyelash extensions. The second kit is the Deluxe Eyelash Extension Kit.  This kit has everything that the basic eyelash extension kit has but can complete more full eyelash extension sets on more clients. Each kit has everything you need to apply eyelash extensions. We know that when you are starting off applying eyelash extension you have no idea what to get.  Lash Stuff has taken all of the guess work out of it for you.  

Every Thing You Need In One Eyelash Extension Kit

Lash Stuff eyelash extension kits come with the basics and some extras. 

Eyelash extension kits include:

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Glue

Eye Gel Pads

Eyelash Tape

Eyelash Extension Applicators

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Eyelash Spoolie Brushes

Eyelash Extension Supply Carrying Case

and Much More!

Lash Stuff has the largest selection of eyelash extension supplies


Lash Stuff Will Help You Find the Right Eyelash Extension Kit

If you don't know what you need in an eyelash extension starter kit just chat with us or call our customer service for advice.  Lash Stuff is one of the only eyelash extension companies that has licensed eyelash extension stylists standing by to help you.  Lash Stuff eyelash extension starter kit is truly the best on the market. Most eyelash extension kits ship the same day that you order.  Get your kit fast! Call customer service today to get personalized help picking out your eyelash extension kit. Purchase the best eyelash extension kit here.

Eyelash Extension Kit

Do you need a license to purchase an eyelash extension kit?

No, you do not need a license to buy an eyelash extension kit. But, most states require a license to apply eyelash extensions. Check with your local regulations to see what is required in your area.

What products come in an eyelash extension kit?

The products that come in an eyelash extension kit are eyelash extensions, eyelash extension glue, tweezers, eye gel pads, a crystal tile, spoolie brushes, micro brushes, eyelash extension adhesive remover, eyelash map stickers, clear eyelash sealant, eyelash tape, and a nano mister.

How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

It takes approximately 90 minutes to apply a full new set of eyelash extensions.