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How to Apply a Lash Lift

Posted by Sara on Feb 25, 2021

Steps On How to Apply a Lash Lift

A lash lift is the process of perming a person's natural eyelashes to have a semi-permanent dramatic curl. Getting a lash lift can help save time in the morning by reducing the amount of time it takes to get ready for the day. lash lifts have no aftercare and are easy to maintain. With a lash lift, you can have dramatic curly eyelashes all the time. Lash lifts can be worn anywhere, including at the pool, in a sauna, and at the beach. Applying a lash lift is easy if you follow these steps.

First step is to get a professional lash lift kit that will quality products and ingredients that will create a dramatic long lasting curl. Go here to learn more about lash lift kit.

lash lift kit

Lash Lift Kit

Below are listed the step by step instructions on how to apply a lash lift.

Remove all make-up and oil from the eyelashes and face. 

Before the lash lift procedure is started it is important to remove any traces of make-up or oil from the eyelashes and near the eyes. This will help the lash lift rods stick to the skin on the upper lash line and help the lash lift cream lift the eyelashes. Use a cleaning pad that will not leave an oily residue. 

Determine the size of lash lift rod you'll need. 

There are multiple sizes of lash lift rods, typically, small, medium, and large. Small rods are for short eyelashes, medium rods are for medium length eyelashes and large rods are for long eyelashes. To determine the size of the rod needed take the small rod and place the rod above the eyelashes on the lash line. Do not apply any glue to the rod yet. You are just testing the length of the eyelashes. Take an applicator and bend the eyelashes across the rod to see if the eyelashes goes all the way across the rod. The eyelashes need to go completely across the rod. If the eyelashes go only partway across the rod the eyelashes will not get a dramatic curl. It is alright if the tips of the eyelashes go slightly over the rod but you do not want the eyelashes to go too far over the rod. Test each rod size to find the perfect fit.

Lash Lift Rods

Brush out the eyelashes. 

Before you glue the eyelashes to the lash lift rod, brush out the eyelashes with a disposable mascara wand. This will make sure the eyelashes are straight.

Secure the lower eyelashes. 

A lash lift is performed on the upper eyelashes, not the lower eyelashes. Before starting the lash lift, secure the lower eyelashes by placing a sticky eye gel pad over the lower eyelashes. A normal collagen type eye pad can be used. This keeps the lowers eyelashes from accidentally getting curled up with the upper eyelashes.

Apply the lash lift rod to the lash line. 

After you have selected the size of lash lift rod needed, it is time to attach the rods to the lash line. To attach the rods, hold the rod upside down and then apply lash lift rod glue to the bottom of the rod. Immediately place the rod right on the lash line above the eyelashes.

Attach the eyelashes to the lash lift rod. 

To attach the eyelashes to the lash lift rod apply lash lift glue to 1/3 of the rod then take an applicator and slowly press the eyelashes across the rod in an upwards motion. Make sure to go slow so that the eyelashes have time to adhere to the rod. Once the eyelashes are attached to the rod apply lash lift rod glue to the second part of the rod and slowly and repeat the application. It is important to apply the eyelashes to only 1/3 of the rod at a time so that the glue does not dry before the eyelashes are applied to the entire rod. Once all the eyelashes are applied to the rod repeat the same steps for the opposite eye.

Apply step 1 lift cream to your eyelashes. 

Now that all the eyelashes are attached to the rod it is time to apply the step 1 lash lift cream to the eyelashes. Every different type of lash lift cream has a different processing time so it is important to read the instructions carefully before applying the cream. Most processing times are between 5 - 15 minutes with an average time of 10 minutes.

Apply the step 1 lash lift cream to the bottom half of the eyelashes with a disposable applicator. Apply the cream to the bottom half of the eyelashes for the first half of the processing time - if your processing time is 10 minutes, apply the processing cream to the bottom half of the eyelashes for 5 minutes then after the first 5 minutes apply the processing cream to the top half of the eyelashes for the remaining 5 minutes. The tips of the eyelashes are thinner and applying the list cream to only the bottom half of the eyelashes at first will help prevent over-processing the tips of the eyelashes.

Keep track of the time with a watch or phone so that you do not over-process the eyelashes.

After the step 1 cream processing time is done, wipe off the cream with a makeup removal pad. Make sure to gently wipe the cream off so that the eyelashes do not detach from the rod.

Lash Lift Cream

Apply the step 2 lash lift cream. 

Apply the step 2 lash lift cream to the eyelashes in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This time apply the cream to the entire eyelash. The step 2 cream neutralizes the step 1 processing cream. After the time is over remove the step 2 cream from the eyelashes with a makeup removal pad.

Remove your eyelashes from the rod. 

Take a moist makeup removal pad and gently rub the eyelashes on the rod back and forth until the eyelashes detach from the rod. Next, take a moist makeup removal pad and slowly rub under the rods back and forth until the rods come off the skin. Remove any remaining glue with a moist makeup removal pad. Now you have dramatically curly eyelashes for 6-8 weeks!

Lash Stuff offers free lash lift training and lash lift certification to professionals. 

Free lash lift training

NOTICE: This is not an official lash lift training. The purpose of this article to give professionals a small understanding of how a lash lift is applied and to see if they want to get certified. Professionals can then sign up for the Lash Stuff official training to become certified. Do not apply the lash lift if you are not a professional. 


  • If you do not get the curl that you are looking for or you want to process the eyelashes for a longer time you now need to wait for 6 weeks before applying another lash lift to the eyelashes.
  • Do not add too much lash lift glue to the eyelashes. This could prevent the lash lift creams from properly processing the eyelashes.
  • Do not leave the lash lift creams on the eyelashes longer than the manufacturer recommends. Doing so could result in over-processing the eyelashes.
  • Do not get the lash lift cream on the skin or eyes. If you get lash lift cream in your eyes immediately flush out your eyes with water.