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How to Attract New Salon Cleints in 2021

Posted by Gina on Mar 02, 2021

Need new salon clients in 2021?

How many of us have slowed down since covid? We may be finding ourselves with gaps in our books that were once full. You could be a new professional just starting out. It really doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, at some point you may need to find new clients. I wish there was a one size fits all to address this issue, because then we would all have the clients we wanted, where we wanted them.

How to get new salon clients

Close your eyes. Can you picture your dream client? 

If you could create your perfect client, what attributes would you want them to have? What services would you do all day long if you could? What is your ideal schedule? You need to first understand this before you can strategically build the client that is best for you. There are some that may think that you just put butts in the seat and that it brings you money. Well, that may be true to some. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I believe you can choose your clientele that fits your business and financial goals.

Creating a strategic plan gains results. 

Winging it is a waste of time and will take you longer to get the results you want. What is your system to which you are going to approach it. Are you going to use social media? Are you going to focus on word of mouth? Whatever you choose, it needs to be on purpose and a plan in place. I will provide you with an example of both.

Social media is an amazing tool that some have built their entire clientele off of.

First, look at your followers. Who are they? Are they your friends and family? Are they your coworkers? Most of them should be your clientele and potential clients that follow you. If 80% of your followers are not your clientele, you need to focus on changing this. After you provide the service for a guest, take their picture and tag them in the post. Ask our guest to take a selfie and tag you in it. This creates interaction with you and your followers. Provide useful information in the post. What service did you use? What products did you recommend the client use at home? How did you achieve the look? This lets your current client know how much you love what you did to/for them. Second, it can get interest from a future client.

Social media is a great tool if used strategically and on purpose. 

If you simply take pictures and post without the right following or interaction, you may see little to no results. Creating engagement and building the right following will help drive your business when you are not even behind the wheel.

Use social media to get new salon clients

Word of mouth is a great way too. 

Again, we want to be strategic and on purpose. We want to attract the clients that we want the most of. If you have a client that doesn't show half the time. Is constantly bartering on your prices or comes back 3 times for corrections for every 1 paid for service. Is this the client you want more of, probably not? Your guest that comes in regularly, gets your favorite service you love to perform are the ones you want more of. These are the ones you're going to ask to tell their friends and family about you. You can simply say, Hey, I know you’re going to get a ton of compliments. Will you give them my card to your friends so they can look as amazing as you do.” Trust me, your clients want to brag about you. Give them your card so it’s easy for them to share your information to whom they brag to. Again, this process is strategic and on purpose. Once you create this behavior and you stay consistent you will start to see results. 

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