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How to Become a Better Lash Artist?

Posted by Gina on May 21, 2021

Be the Best Lash Artist

Some may think that over time you just become a better artist naturally. This is true; however, you must invest in your trade to be able to be competitive and set yourself apart from the competition. It does not matter what your profession is, it is all about learning more and never accepting the fact that you know everything. If you are just starting out or have been in the industry for 20 years, there is always something new to learn

Did you know the life of a professional is only 5 years? Maybe, one gets bored of the same thing day in and day out. What can you do to ensure your longevity in this business? It is all about learning new techniques that will help with the growth you need to be a successful lash artist.

how to become a better lash artist

Who Do You Want To Be

What type of artist and what type of artist do you want to be? Do you want to focus on quality vs quantity? Neither is right or wrong. You can focus on quantity and still do beautiful work. Let us use lash artists as an example. Do you want to work at a place that you are booked every hour and you are doing a similar look on every single guest? 

Do you want to have a few clients per day, and you customize their look each time they come in offering various lashes size lengths and color and provide a unique experience for every guest, every time? Knowing what type of artist, you currently are and which one you want to be will help you know where you can focus on your continuing education.

Staying on using lash extensions as the focus. You get certified in Classic lash extensions. Then what? Did you watch a you tube video to learn how to do volume or did you take a class for volume lashes? It is better to take a hands-on training to truly get expertise hands on guidance. It is good to learn from every avenue you can but invest in your trade and get hands on training along the way. Take pictures to track your progress. Even if you are not ready to post your work on social media

Taking pictures lets you see the growth from your first set to 10th set and so forth. It also supports your photography skills. Who knew you needed a photography class to be an artist? Practice what you have learned, practice and perfect your skills. Document with pictures. It is amazing to track and see your results. You want to do the new skill you have learned with in 48 hours to remember what you learned. Continue to practice over and over and adapt to the new skill. Practice makes perfect.

Set Goals

Setting goals and milestones in your career are important. Attending multiple trainings, a year. It could be a mentor that you can have them train you or you can watch and observe what they are doing for their customers. Searching for new and innovative ways does not mean you are not amazing at your craft; it simply means you are open to learn something new. When you are open to learn something new you can continue to grow. 

A different lash artist may have a different set up can make it easier for you. Even if you learn one little tip or skill from various people means over time you can create a unique set of lashes or a way to create a quicker set of beautiful lashes. This goes back to what you want to focus of being quality or quantity.

Improve Your Skills

One may think they do not have time to take a class. If you don’t make time, you won’t have time. You only have time for what you make time for. Don’t create shortcuts in your career or your craft. Yes, there are various places you can watch trainings and learn from, but that may create a shortcut in your career. Don’t be afraid to travel for training either. You may not be as lucky as some to go to a training that is in your local area.

Do your research and seek out trainings. Do you have a mentor you follow on social media? Reach out to them and see if they are open to mentor or teach you their skill. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t stop learning or wanting to learn. Once you are no longer open to learning something new means you have stop growing in this industry.

Its ok to make mistakes. Allow time in your day to do a consultation with your guest. Let them know about a something new you learned. Get excited about what you can do for your guests. You thought of something unique for them and personalize the experience for your guests. This will let your customers know you are investing in your craft and creating a unique look for your guest. 

Lash Artist Sign

Be Different

Your guest will get excited, time and time again to see you creating retention in your business. Don’t be afraid to offer something new to your guests. Even if they like the same thing every single time, you can still educate them what you are capable of. Maybe they will have an event to go to and they will want a bolder look. They know you can provide that service for them vs. them having to go somewhere else to get it.

If you are getting bored and not growing in your trade so will your clientele. It does not matter what time of an artist you are. You could do skin, hair, lashes, makeup and so on. Be the best you can be and invest in your trade, but most importantly invest in you!

If you want to become a better Lash Artist contact us to learn more.