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How to Care for Your New Eyelash Extensions After Application

Posted by Sara on Apr 26, 2021

Do you have short and thin lashes? Or do you simply wish your lashes had some oomph? If so, eyelash extensions have been a popular choice for many consumers just like you.

A specialist will apply a set of long and luxurious lashes to your existing eyelash hairs. The lashes can last as long as eight weeks with proper eyelash extension care.

While eyelash extensions are a new service, the desire to have beautiful and voluminous lashes is not a new trend. Even in 19th century France, women were sewing human hairs to their eyelashes to achieve that look.

While eyelash extensions are generally safe (as long as you see a professional), you’ll need to know about eyelash extension care in order to see the best results. Here’s your guide on caring for eyelash extensions.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Do you love using face oils for skincare and when taking off your makeup? If so, you’ll want to put these oils to the side. If oil touches the lash adhesive, your lashes can fall off. That's because oil weakens eyelash glue.

Gel cleaners are great alternatives to oil. You can also find plenty of gel-based makeup removers. Micellar water is also a great oil alternative and is also ideal when washing your lash extensions.

Don’t Get Your Eyes Wet for the First 48 Hours

When learning how to care for eyelash extensions, one of the most important things to know is to not get them wet for the first couple of days. This ensures the glue sets properly so your lashes last longer.

How can you achieve this? Opt for a bath instead of a shower. If you have to take a shower, wear goggles. You’ll also want to shower in cooler water. Steam from hot showers can weaken freshly applied glue.

When washing your face, use a cleansing face cloth to avoid splashing your face with water. Try to keep eye makeup to a minimum for the first couple of days. This ensures you don’t put water or any moisturizing product near your eyes.

You Don’t Need Mechanical Lash Curlers

What if you don’t think your lashes are curly enough? You may be tempted to use your lash curler. However, it’s best to avoid this. That’s because lash extensions aren’t natural lashes. The curl caused by the lash curler is only temporary on natural lashes. But the lash curler may cause your lash extensions to bend permanently, resulting in a less than glamorous look.

If your lashes aren’t curly enough, say something to your lash specialist. They will recommend another product to use in the future.

Don’t Use Waterproof Eye Makeup

Even though your lashes look amazing, let’s face it, you’ll still want to wear makeup. However, make sure the makeup you use isn’t waterproof. For example, avoid waterproof eyeliners.

This takes us back to the oil-based product section. Most waterproof eye makeup only comes off with oil-based products. Non-waterproof eye makeup is typically easier to remove and will come off with normal face wash and all makeup removers.

Most specialists don’t recommend you wear eyeliner or mascara at all. Even if your eyeliner isn’t waterproof, you should avoid any makeup that’s challenging to remove. Stick to eyeshadow and maybe some eyeliner on your lower lid.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes or Lashes

Some clients develop the habit of playing with their lashes. Try to not touch your lashes at all. This includes rubbing your eyes. Any type of friction will cause lash loss.

You especially shouldn’t pull or pick the lashes. This not only removes your lash extensions but could also damage your natural lashes.

If you lose or pick out enough lashes, you won’t be able to get a touch-up. Your specialist may require you to buy a whole new set of lashes, which isn’t good on the wallet.

Brush Them

Your lashes are long, and they may develop tangles. This is why you should brush and comb your lashes regularly. Clean spoolies (commonly called mascara wands) and lash combs are great options. Only brush them as needed; otherwise, avoid touching your lashes as much as you can.

Sleep on Satin or Silk Pillowcases

Satin and silk pillowcases have many benefits. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can de-frizz your hair. But did you know these pillowcases also preserve lash extensions?

In addition, cotton pillowcases can lead to premature lash loss. This is because they can snag on and even dry out your lashes.

Don’t Use a Powerful Shower head

Do you have a forceful shower head? If so, it’s best to switch to a bath. The pressure from the shower head can be so much to remove your lashes!

Avoid Using Eye Cream

Sure, eye creams offer many benefits. They decrease the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and more. However, you may want to skip the eye cream when you have lash extensions. Most eye creams are made with emollients that can weaken the lash glue.

Does that mean you should avoid eye skincare products altogether? Instead of using a cream-based product, use a gel-based product. This way, you still get the moisture and other benefits while not ruining your lashes.

Why You Should Look After Your Lashes

Other than to make them last longer, there are a few additional reasons why you should properly care for your lashes:

  • They will not only last longer but will look better
  • Proper aftercare is better for your natural lash health
  • Better on your time and finances

You’ll also want to find the best lash specialist. They will apply the lashes correctly so your lashes look better and your natural lashes will be healthier.

Eyelash Extension Care: What Are the Next Steps?

Now that you know eyelash extension care, you can choose the type of lashes you want and can find a specialist to apply your lashes.

Your specialist should not only be trained but should also use the best quality lashes on clients. If you’re a specialist, our award-winning lashes are gorgeous but look natural, resulting in a look your clients will love.

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