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How to Make Eyebrow Tint Last Longer: A Complete Beauty Guide

Posted by Jess on Dec 05, 2023

Picture this: You recently invested in a professional eyebrow tint at your local salon. You love the way your new brows enhance and complement your appearance, brightening your face and highlighting your eyes. Naturally, you want to enjoy those results as long as possible!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

If you have a fresh eyebrow tint in place, there are certain steps you can put into practice to maintain the dye for an extended period. Today, we're sharing 12 of our favorite ways to maximize your investment and help your procedure last longer!

Kalentin Has Long Lasting Eyebrow Tint

1. Be Gentle on Your Skin

Are you concerned about the effects of aging on your skin? According to one report, 30% of U.S. women under the age of 35 regularly use anti-wrinkle skincare products, including one in five women under the age of 24!

While there's nothing wrong with being proactive about your appearance, you'll want to hold off on using strong anti-aging products while your eyebrow tint is still fresh.

That's because most of these products contain ingredients that act as physical or chemical exfoliators, gently sloughing away dead skin to make room for new cell generation. While they might help ward off dryness, tightness, and other signs of aging, they can be too harsh on your brows.

To achieve long-lasting results, avoid using any type of anti-aging skincare products for at least three days immediately following your treatment and three days before the end of the results (around the six-week mark). In the interim, you can use the products on your face, but avoid the sensitive eye area to avoid prematurely fading the brow dye.

2. Wait to Wash Your Face

For the first 24 hours following a brow tint, try not to get your eyebrows wet. This gives the dye time to settle into place and take hold of each tiny hair. Once that timeline has passed, you can wash your face, but be gentle any time you do so.

If you need to wash your face beforehand, avoid creams or foaming cleansers that might move into your eyes. Instead, lightly dampen a cotton cloth with micellar water or toner. You can also use cleaning wipes to control where the product goes.

3. Use Caution at the Beach or Pool

Speaking of water, it's also important to practice caution at the beach or swimming pool.

This tip might not be too applicable during the cold winter months, but we recommend keeping your brows out of the water when the weather warms up. Chlorine and salt water can fade any type of hair color, including the dye on your brows.

While you can wear a swim cap to keep your blow-out fresh or your color bright all season long, you can't exactly cover up your brows. It's best to avoid putting your head underwater, so save the cannonballs for another day!

4. Don't Over-Brush

Dying your brows helps them look fuller and more luscious. It's a quick, painless procedure designed to enhance and define their overall shape and match your natural hair color.

Once you see the results in the mirror, you might be tempted to grab the eyebrow spoolie and brush them to your heart's content. This is especially the case if you've never had thick brows before!

However, excessively brushing your new and improved brows can do more harm than good. Every time you do so, you're gently shifting the dye around. Light brushing once in the morning should be all that you need. Anything beyond that, and you risk fading the color.

5. Use the Right Cosmetics

Your esthetician should send you home with after-care tips that can help you extend the appearance of your brow tint. During that time, they'll also talk to you about the type of cosmetics to use and the ones to avoid around your eye area.

One of the most important things to remember is that waterproof mascara is best during this time. You want to avoid any makeup that may smear or smudge throughout the day, causing you to wipe your eyes.

Professionally Tinted Eyebrows

6. Avoid the Gym for 48 Hours

Besides dripping eye makeup, what else can sting your eyes and leave you reaching for a washcloth? That's right -- sweat! At least for the first 48 hours, consider this your pass to avoid any type of strenuous activity that will make you perspire on your face.

This excess moisture can affect the dye in the tint, causing it to weaken and fade. When you resume your workouts, remember to keep a microfiber cloth handy so you can touch up your face and keep it as dry as possible.

7. Go to a Professional

It might go without saying, but those DIY brow tint kits you can buy online or at the drugstore won't give you high-quality, long-lasting results like you'll find at a professional salon.

Expert estheticians have the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to perform this procedure correctly, every time. In addition, they also have access to the highest-quality tools to ensure an even and natural-looking application. While you might be tempted to save money by doing the work yourself, you'll end up spending more when you pay a pro to correct it.

As an added benefit, your esthetician can also share tips to help you extend the life of your procedure. By heeding their advice and following their directions, you can avoid early fading and stretch out your results.


8. Use a Moisturizing Serum

When the hair on your head gets dry, it's more likely to break or fall out. The same goes for your eyebrows. If the skin on your face feels dry or tight at all, your brow hairs might be feeling the stress.

When this happens, they're vulnerable to fading. Your esthetician can recommend a good moisturizing lotion or serum that you can apply to reverse these effects. This product will prolong the lifespan of your eyebrow tint by nourishing and conditioning your brows.

Additionally, most of these serums can also pull double-duty as an everyday brow gel to hold your brow hairs in place! They enhance the look of your brows by making the hair look sleek and glossy. For best results, use the moisturizer every day, even if you use other brow products such as a pencil or powder.

9. Protect During Masks and Peels

Do you occasionally enjoy using skincare masks or peels on your face?

While it's best to avoid these types of treatments altogether while your tint is in place, we know this isn't always feasible. If you do use a mask, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your brows to protect them.

10. Stay Out of the Sun

If you go out in the sun, be sure to wear a hat or large sunglasses to protect your eyes and your brows. The strong UV rays from the sun can be extremely powerful. Not only can they fade your brow tint, but they can also harm your delicate eyes and increase your risk of certain health conditions, including skin cancer.

Just as you'd put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, it's equally important to keep your eyes protected. When you go outside on a sunny day, bring these essential items along to stay safe. You can also apply sunscreen to your brows.

11. Use a Pencil for Touch-Ups

If it's been a while since your last brow tint appointment and it's not quite time for your next one, you can always extend the look of your brows by filling in sparse or faded areas with a pencil, shadow, or gel.

As you apply the product, look for any areas where the dye is fading and your natural brow color has started to come through. Use sparingly to avoid looking like you've overfilled your brows and keep your appearance as natural as possible.

Best Tinted Eyebrows

Help Your Eyebrow Tint Last as Long as Possible

Tinted brows can transform every aspect of your appearance, instantly pulling your look together and helping you seem more polished. If you've recently undergone an eyebrow tint, there are ways you can prolong the results so you can enjoy them longer!

Try these 12 tips today, especially if you notice that your brow dye has started to fade in certain places. While prevention is best, you can help mitigate the effects of premature fading by taking prompt action.

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