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Lash Lift vs Brow Lamination Product

Posted by Gina on Mar 06, 2023

Why You Should Not Use Lash Lift Products to Perform a Brow Lamination

Have you ever wondered how you can execute a Brow Lamination service without leaving the skin irritated and red? There is a lot of discussion around this topic and I am here to educate you on how you can execute a flawless brow lamination with less risk of irritating to the skin. There are a ton of amazing brow lamination images and some scary images on social media of irritated skin. If I were a customer I would be nervous to get a service that irritated my skin that much. I want to educate you on how and why irritation is happening and how to prevent it so you can perform an amazing brow lamination service on your clients.

Woman Getting Brow Lamination Performed

Lash Lift Products Are Not Designed For Brow Lamination

The skin around the eye is sensitive and needs to be treated as such. An experienced, well-trained service provider will not eliminate steps to save time and ask the right questions to ensure any service they provide is safe for them. Your customers will appreciate the elevated experience they will have with you.

It begins with a thorough consultation with your customer and ensuring they are a good fit for a brow lamination service. Some contraindications for a brow lamination are and not limited to:


Pink eye or eye infection on or near the eye.

Alopecia anywhere on the body

A recent eye surgery

Recent permanent makeup that is not healed


Open Sores

Medicine to clear up acne

Use of products such as retinol

Ulta sensitive skin

No exfoliating products with in 24 hours

Perform a Patch Test 

We always recommend performing a patch test during a consultation, seasonally or if anything has changed with your client. Our skin does change seasonally, health or behavioral changes have been made. We should always do a follow up consultation and questionnaire for our customers. Do not assume they remember everything that they should not do prior to receiving a brow lamination or any service with you. It is your responsibility as the professional you ask the questions you need to to ensure you can provide the best results to your clients.

Performing a patch test is important to do as well. It can be accomplished by applying the products that touch the skin behind the ear or on the inner part of your elbow. You would leave the product you are testing on the skin the processing time for the product and recheck if there is any reaction after 24 hours. If any redness occurs then you would not move forward with your service. This part of the consultation is overlooked and not done nearly as often as it should. This will help you prevent any unknown allergy or reactions your clients may have.

Woman with great eyebrows

Do Not Use Product With Sodium Bromate On The Skin

Next is to ensure your lift has products in it that have been tested on the skin. Sodium Bromate is in most Lash Lift products. This is an oxidative agent that may cause some irritation if left on skin for more than a second or two. This product is safer in a lift product because in a lash lift service the active products only come in contact with the rod or the shield. If they do come in contact with the skin it can immediately be removed without irritating the skin. However, in a brow lamination service the active products may remain on the skin anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes depending on whose formula you are using.

Lash Stuff has a Brow Lamination System that does not contain Sodium Bromate, which provides a safer result for your customer if they do not have any contraindications listed above and a patch test was performed.

It is also important to not use cellophane with the Lash Stuff Brow Lamination System. It is formulated to not only be safer for the skin, but does not require the incubation of cellophane to get desired results of a brow lamination service.


When Should I Wax The Eyebrows?

Waxing should be performed no sooner than 24-48 hours before or after a lamination service. When you wax the skin it does take the dead skin cells off of the skin, which is a form of physical exfoliation. One of the contraindications for a brow lamination is there has not been any exfoliating services or products on the skin within 24-48 hours. If it is done too soon prior to the service you are applying the brow lamination on top of skin that has been exfoliated. This is leaving the skin open to have red irritated skin and more likely to burn causing long term damage to the skin. If you do it after the service too soon you risk damaging the skin because of the chemical exfoliation that has taken place. Moral of this story is to not wax within 24 to 48 hours of a brow lamination service to reduce the risk of irritating the skin.

Creating a scheduled maintenance place with your customers keeps them in a good routine, their skin safe and guest what? You get to see each other more. The more times a customer walks into your service the more dedicated they are to you. Educate your guests on the importance of not providing the service together and they will be more open to your recommendations and know their skin health is a top priority.

Educate Your Clients

Set yourself apart from your competition by offering a consultation to your guests and educating your client about the service and what to expect. Using brow lamination products that are intended to be on the skin provides less risk of irritating the skin. Yes, the lift and brow lamination products are very similar. Knowing the difference between the two and why it's important to use a product that has been designed to touch the skin. Your clients will appreciate being able to leave you without feeling like they need to hide the rest of the day because their brows are a noticeable shade of red and most importantly less risk of irritation and damage to the skin.