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Magnetic Eyelashes: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Posted by Jess on Jun 23, 2022

Glue-free false eyelashes? Yes, please!

If you've ever wished for longer, fuller eyelashes, you're not alone. In fact, many women (and men!) spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve the perfect lash look. False lashes, mascara, and even prescription drugs are all popular methods for achieving lush lashes. But what about magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a relatively new product on the market that promises to give you the longest, fullest lashes imaginable - without any glue or adhesive required.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? But there's a lot more to magnetic lashes than meets the eye. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how they work and whether or not they're right for you, so keep reading!

Magnetic Eyelashes

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic lashes, like any other form of falsies, have a learning curve associated with them. The good news is that since they're glueless, there will be less of a mess if you need to take them off and start over.

Magnetic eyelashes work by using tiny magnets that attach to your natural lashes, creating a "sandwich" effect that holds the false lashes in place. The magnets used are typically made of iron or another metal that is attracted to magnetism.

Each false lash has two small strips of magnets - one on the upper lash line and one on the lower lash line. When these two strips are brought together, they create a strong magnetic force that holds the lashes in place.

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Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Yes, magnetic eyelashes are considered safe for most people. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you use them.

First, if you have any metal allergies, you may want to avoid magnetic lashes. As we mentioned, the magnets are typically made of iron or another metal. If you're allergic to those substances, it's best to err on the side of caution.

Second, poorly applied magnetic lashes can tear your real lashes or damage your hair follicles in some way. To fix a poor application, remove your lashes carefully to avoid this.

Lastly, magnetic eyelashes are not recommended when heading to medical procedures such as MRIs. They can dislodge and become dangerous as you undergo the procedure.

If you do decide to try magnetic lashes, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and take your time putting them on. Other than those few caveats, magnetic lashes are safe for most people to use.

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Right for Me?

Magnetic eyelashes are a great option for anyone who wants an easy, mess-free way to apply falsies. They're also a good choice for people with allergies or sensitive eyes since there's no glue required.

If you're looking for a dramatic lash look, magnetic eyelashes are definitely worth considering. However, keep in mind that they may take some practice to apply correctly. But once you get the hang of it, they're really not that difficult to use.

Woman wearing magnetic eyelashes

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Applying magnetic eyelashes is fairly simple, but it does take a little bit of practice. The first step is to apply your regular mascara. This will help the falsies adhere to your natural lashes and make them look more believable.

Next, take the false lash with the magnet and place it on top of your natural lash, as close to your lash line as possible. Once you're happy with the placement, gently press down on the false lash so that it adheres to your lash line and won't move around as you try to place the bottom lashes.

Then, with your eyes open, take the bottom lash and place it under your lash line, matching it up with the magnets on the top lash. When placed correctly, they will lock into place.

Repeat this process with the other eye. Once both eyes are done, you can go back and adjust the placement of the lashes as needed.

Using Magnetic Liner

If you're having trouble getting the lashes to stay in place, you can try using a magnetic liner. This is a special type of liquid eyeliner that contains tiny magnets. When applied correctly, it will help hold the falsies in place and make them easier to apply.

To use, simply apply the magnetic liner as you would regular eyeliner. Then, follow the instructions above for applying the falsies. The magnets in the liner will help hold them in place so that they don't move around as you're trying to apply them.

How to Care for Magnetic Lashes

Caring for your magnetic false eyelashes is important if you want to extend their lifespan.

Never fall asleep in your lashes. This can cause them to become bent out of shape or even fall off.

To remove your lashes, gently peel them off starting at the outer corner of the eye. Be careful not to pull too hard or you could end up damaging your real lashes.

After each use, clean your falsies with warm water and mild soap or micellar water. This will remove any dirt, debris, or makeup that may be on them.

Once they're clean, place them back in the case so that the magnets don't become damaged. When storing your lashes, make sure they're completely dry. If they're wet, the magnets could rust and ruin the false eyelashes. Being wet while in the case can also cause a buildup of bacteria which would be detrimental to your eyes.

It's also a good idea to avoid using oil-based products near your lashes, as this can cause the magnets to slip off.

With proper care, your magnetic lashes should last for several uses.

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