Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes - Set M1003


Product Description

Try Our Glamorous Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes - Set M1003

Make your eyes pop with these fab Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes, so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing lashes!

Features of Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes - Set M1003

Our New Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes are our latest innovation in feather-light silk eyelashes. These lashes are so comfortable you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down.

Gorgeous Style

If you're in the market for a classic style cat-eye lash, you'll love how full and flirty this gem is. Its soft fibers give it a natural feel and comfortable wear. Plus, it looks great on all eye shapes and sizes.

Light and Comfortable

Designed to mimic the look and feel of your own eyelashes, our magnetic silk strip lashes are lightweight enough to wear for up to 12 hours straight. For an effortless, glamorous look, these magnetic silk lashes are the way to go.

Full Kit for Everything You Need

These magnetic lashes are made of high-quality silk and are reusable up to 20 times. They come with a complimentary magnetic eyeliner as well as an applicator. No glue necessary!


Apply your magnetic silk strip lashes in three easy steps.

Step One: Apply Magnetic Liner

Apply the magnetic eyeliner on your lash line and wait until it is dry.

Step Two: Trim Lash Strip

While you're waiting for your liner to dry, trim the magnetic strip on the lashes as needed to fit your eye size.

Step Three: Apply Lashes

To wear, apply the magnetic strip eyelashes on the lash line. They will stick to the magnetic eyeliner.

Order Glamorous Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes Today

Get fuller, thicker, and more luxurious eyelashes with our magnetic silk strip lashes. Place your order online with Lash Stuff today!


100% Silk Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

Extremely light and comfortable

Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes are made of 100% silk and come with 1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes, 1 magnetic eyeliner, and 1 applicator. The 100% silk material provides a light and fluffy feel that is extremely comfortable. Wear these magnetic strip eyelashes all day long. These magnetic strip eyelashes can be easily applied and reused over and over.


To wear simply apply the magnetic eyeliner on the lash line and wait until dry.  Next trim the magnetic strip eyelash as needed and apply the magnetic strip eyelashes on the lash line.



1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes

Magnetic Eyeliner not included. 

  • Adds volume and length
  • Looks natural
  • Black band provides comfort
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to apply
  • Wear all day long
  • With proper care reusable up to 20 times 


Unused, non-opened false strip eyelashes and strip eyelash glue may be returned within 30 days from the purchase date. 

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