Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes - Set M1013


Product Description


100% Silk Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

Extremely light and comfortable

Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes are made of 100% silk and come with 1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes, 1 magnetic eyeliner, and 1 applicator. The 100% silk material provides a light and fluffy feel that is extremely comfortable. Wear these magnetic strip eyelashes all day long. These magnetic strip eyelashes can be easily applied and reused over and over.

Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes

Say goodbye to glue and goop and hello to the newest trend in the fake eyelash world. Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes make a statement and stay in place all night. If you’re ready for silky, glamorous lashes that are easy to apply and even easier to adore, order now!

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes? 

Let’s get real for a moment: fake eyelashes are amazing but not always the simplest step in your makeup routine. It takes a super stable hand to get the perfect fake eyelash placement. While some have mastered the art of application, others can find the whole process annoying. 

Enter: magnetic eyelashes. 

Our Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes adhere to your lash line using micromagnets –– no mess and no stress involved. They are extremely lightweight, comfortable, and natural-looking. 

How Do They Work? 

Applying Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes could not be easier. To apply, all you have to do is draw our magnetic eyeliner on your lash line and wait for it to dry. Made from 100% silk material, they have a light fluffy feel that makes them easy to wear all day long.

This easy, mess-free application means rewearing your silk lashes is more than possible. With proper care, you can wash and re-wear these magnetic eyelashes over and over. 

What’s Included

We give you everything you need to wear and re-wear your new strip eyelashes. When you order, you will receive your lashes, one 5ml tube of magnetic eyeliner, and an easy-to-use applicator. 

Buy Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes Now 

We have a wide array of fake magnetic eyelashes. Whether you want a natural look or Hollywood glam, we have the perfect lashes for you. Buy or browse the rest of our inventory now!


To wear simply apply the magnetic eyeliner on the lash line and wait until dry.  Next trim the magnetic strip eyelash as needed and apply the magnetic strip eyelashes on the lash line.



1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes

Magnetic Eyeliner not included


  • Adds volume and length
  • Looks natural
  • Black band provides comfort
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to apply
  • Wear all day long
  • With proper care reusable up to 20 times 


Unused, non-opened false strip eyelashes and strip eyelash glue may be returned within 30 days from the purchase date. 
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