Professional Brow & Body Waxing Kit with Training


Product Description

Save Big with the Lash Stuff Professional Waxing Kit 

The Lash Stuff Waxing System Includes Everything You Need to Provide Exceptional Hair Removal Services for Your Clients. 

Free Eyebrow Brow Waxing Training and Certification

When you purchase a wax kit you will get free access to the Lash Stuff Brow Waxing Training.  Learn this new skill that you can offer to your clients.  Purchase of a kit is required and a professional license is required to get certified. 

The Perfect Wax Starter Kit 

If you’re new to the wonderful world of waxing, our starter kit will take you from novice to professional in no time. Our luxurious waxing bundle includes products that are safe enough for new professionals but high-quality enough to offer value to seasoned professionals. When you need a waxing system that covers all the bases, Lash Stuff’s Wax Starter Bundle is a perfect choice!

Wax Your Clients Will Love

Not all waxes are created equal. Your clients deserve the best waxing experience possible. We give you the tools to provide them with just that. 

Our starter bundle includes Italian full-body wax. Unlike other waxes, Lash Stuff’s Italian wax applies smoothly to the skin and has optimal pliability for easy application. This wax allows better precision for you and a more comfortable experience for your clients.

Want to add a little bit of sparkle? Lash Stuff’s glitter wax feels great and looks beautiful when applied. Your clients will love the luxury of being waxed with glitter. 

A Simple 3 Step Body Waxing System 

With so many years in the industry, we know a thing or two about waxing. The Lash Stuff 3 step waxing system has been tested and perfected for a flawless wax every time. 

Step 1: Prepare 

We suggest that you first prepare the skin to be waxed. This means removing any oils, make-up, or dirt from the skin and applying our pre-wax oil and lotion.

Step 2: Wax

Once the skin is clean and prepped, your wax should be resting at the perfect temperature in your warmer. Using our wooden wax applicator, you can comfortably remove unwanted hair from your client’s face and body. There is no hair this wax system can’t remove! 

Step 3: Soothe 

Now that your client is smooth and satisfied, it’s time to soothe and replenish the skin. After the hair is successfully removed, apply our post-wax tea tree cleanser and lotion. This will reduce redness and allow your client to leave your studio looking flawless.

Step 4: Repeat

Our waxing steps make it easy for professionals to give their clients a perfect experience. Our professional wax warmer has a multi-level dial that allows the heat to be adjusted to the ideal temperature for whatever type of wax you’re doing. 

The Lash Stuff Wax Starter Bundle includes everything you need to start providing a wax service to your clients. 

If you are new to applying hair removal wax this is the starter kit for you! The Lash Stuff waxing system us specially designed to provide everything that is needed to start removing hair from clients.

The Perfect Wax Starter Kit For Everyone

This hair removal wax starter bundle is great for professionals just learning how to apply hair removal wax or for the seasoned professional who wants to start using a new wax system.   

Wax that Your Client will Love

Lash Stuff's Italian wax applies smoothly to the skin and will give your client a comfortable experience.  Lash Stuff's glitter wax feels great and look beautiful when it is applied.  Wax your clients with glitter. 

Quality Professional Wax Warmer

The professional wax warmer has a multi level dial that allows the heat to be adjusted to the perfect temperature for what ever type of wax you are using.

A 3 Step Body Waxing System

The Lash Stuff 3 step waxing system has been designed to first prepare the skin to be waxed.  This means removing any oils, make-up or dirt from the skin.  Second, comfortable remove unwanted hair from the skin with a smooth experience. Third, sooth and replenish the skin after the hair is removed. This three step system makes it easy for professionals to give their clients a perfect experience.  

Wax For Every Part of the Body

The Lash Stuff wax system is perfect for waxing eyebrows, the face, any other part of the body. There is no hair that this wax system can not remove. 


Everything You Need in One Bundle 

Bundle Includes:

1X Wax Warmer

1X Glitter Strip Wax

1X Brazilian Bead Wax

1X Pre-Wax Lotion

1X Post Wax Lotion Latte Aloe

1X Post Wax Cleanser Tea Tree Oil

1X Non-Woven Hair Removal Wax Strips (100ct)

1X Wooden Wax Applicator - Medium 100ct

1X Wooden Wax Applicator - Large 100ct

1X Scissors

1X Eyebrow Tweezers

1X Disposable  Mini Combs


Order Yours Today 

Our kit is perfect for every professional, whether you’ve been waxing your clients for years or have your first wax scheduled for next week. 

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