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Top 10 Questions About A Lash Lift

Posted by Misty on Mar 24, 2021

Question About Applying A Lash Lift

I want to talk about the top 10 questions we get asked about eyelash lifts. Just a quick run down on what a lash lift is, for those of you who are unsure. An eyelash lift is like getting a perm, but for your lashes. Your Pro will select the appropriate size rod for your lashes, glue them to the rod with a rod glue and then continue with steps 1 & 2 and finish with a keratin conditioner. The solution makes your lashes form to the rod, resulting in a permanent curl. This lasts up to 6 weeks, depending on your lash cycle.

I am getting these questions from Lash Stuff’s forum, where you get access to open discussions and free training videos when you buy a lash lift or tint kit and register for the class.

Alright, now let’s get down to the top 10 questions and answers!

1.Eyelashes pop off the rod in between step 1 & 2. What do I do?

If this is happening to you, don’t panic! It’s normal, especially with those stubborn, shorter lashes, or new growth. Lash Stuff has a new glue called Mega hold rod glue. You can use this glue to help hold those hairs down that pop off the rod. This glue is stickier, so if you aren’t experienced with lash lifts, I would recommend sticking to the standard glue to first place the lashes on the rod and then use the mega hold glue for the lashes that pop off. If you are experienced and the standard glue just doesn’t seem to be cutting it for you anymore, the mega hold, might be more your style. When applying the rod glue, make sure you aren’t overusing it, as it can affect the results of your lift, by creating a barrier between the lashes and the lifting cream. This will be the case, regardless of which rod glue you are using.

2.Can you use cleansing pads to wipe off steps 1 & 2?

Yes, you can use cleansing pads to wipe off steps 1 & 2. These pads are gentle enough to remove the product from the lashes. Make sure it is not dripping; the pad should just be damp. If there is too much access liquid on the pad, you risk the product running into your client’s eyes. Which can cause irritation and discomfort. You can use a damp cotton pad with a little bit of baby shampoo on it, but I would use this as your last option as the lint from the cotton pads can come off in their lashes.

3.If lashes extend past the rod, is that ok?

If your client’s lashes go past the rod you choose for them, but bumping up a size isn’t an option, that’s ok. You will put steps 1 & 2 on the rod like normal, but you will not put any solution on the lashes that are not on the rod. Steps 1 & 2 should never touch the skin. It is ok to not put product on the ends of the lashes if they are off the rod, the final result will still look great if done right.

4.Can you do a lash lift and then eyelash extensions? Should there be a waiting period in between services?

It is totally ok to lift someone’s lashes and then do extensions. I would recommend waiting 24 hours in between services so that the keratin conditioner has time to soak into the lashes. You will also want to use your professional judgment on whether or not your client’s lashes can handle having an extension on them. Other then these things to consider, there is no harm in doing both services on one client, if they have healthy, strong lashes.

After Lash Lift Picture

5.Should there be a wait time in between a lash lift and a lash tint?

A wait time is not required. Once you have finished with steps 1 & 2, you would make sure the lashes are completely clean of the solution, remove the rod from the eyelid, remove the eye pad and replace it with a tint guard, making sure to place it underneath the bottom lashes so those can get tinted as well and proceed with the tint service. Once you’ve cleaned off the tint, you will finish with the keratin conditioner.

6.Why remove the lifting rod before tinting the lashes?

If you do not remove the lifting rod before tinting the lashes, you will not get the back of the lashes covered and they will stay the client’s natural color. This would defeat the purpose of a tint if the client were doing the service to not wear mascara. So, make sure you are removing the rod and the eye pad so you can get the bottom lashes tinted as well.

7.How long should you wait in between lash lifts?

Each client is going to be a little different depending on their lash cycle. On average, you’ll wait 4-6 weeks in between services. This is because you want the previous lift to be completely grown out before doing a lift again, so you aren’t risking damaging their lashes.

8.What do you do if your client’s eyes are burning, or you got product in their eye?

Stop the service immediately if product got into your client’s eye. Remove everything and have them do a saline rinse. It would be best to reschedule them for a later date so their eye isn’t getting more irritated. You may have to reschedule them 6 weeks out, depending how far you got in the service before having to stop. If their eyes are just burning and it isn’t bad, it really just depends on what your client can handle. So long as you didn’t get product in their eyes, then you could keep working on them. I know my eyes always burn a little when I’m getting lash extensions and that’s just because of all the things that are going on at once, especially having to keep my eyes shut. So, a slight burn can be normal.

9.Can eyelashes be too short for a lift?

Yes. Unfortunately, lashes can be too short for a lifting service. Eyelash extensions may be the best option for this kind of a client. If you can barely wrap their lashes around the smallest rod, then they are too short. You don’t want to have the solution on the ends of their lashes for the entire time, and if their lashes are so short that you must put the solution on the entire length of the lash, you risk damaging their lashes. Clients will also expect a certain result and if their lashes are short, they may get upset they didn’t get the results they expected. Be up front and honest with them from the beginning.

10. Can your lifting cream be used for a brow lamination?

No. Lash Stuff’s lifting cream is not meant to be put on the skin. You must use a product that is specifically for a brow lamination, so you don’t risk damaging your client’s skin. It’s pretty scary googling “lamination gone wrong”. It’s extremely important to make sure you are using the right kind of products for specific services.

I hope that this information brings you more knowledge and helps you to grow your business!