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Top 10 Tips About Eyelash Extension Glue

Posted by Jess on Jun 30, 2021

Professionally applied eyelash extensions can deliver the perfect doe-eyed look that many esthetician clients seek to achieve. The application of eyelash extensions involves the individual bonding of semi-permanent lashes to natural lashes with eyelash extension glue. This method of eye enhancement creates a more natural look that is highly customizable and can last up to six weeks with proper application and maintenance. Learn how to use the glue to give your clients amazing lashes.

Guidelines for Using Eyelash Extension Glue Effectively

Because each lash is manually glued, mastering the selection and application of your eyelash extension glue is essential. The biggest factors that affect the breakdown and quality of your adhesive are lash application technique, climate and client lash maintenance. Here are 10 tips that you should know about your adhesive to ensure quality lash execution.

Applying Lash Extension Glue

1. Clean the Lashes Carefully

Cleanse both eyelashes and eyelids prior to lash application. Residue left behind on eyelash extensions or your client's eyelid area prior to eyelash application can cause an incomplete adhesive bond between glue and eyelash. Using cleansers that are adhesive-safe is also recommended, as certain cleansers can break down eyelash extension glues.

2. Check the Drying Rate

Eyelash extension glues are available in drying times varying between one to five seconds. Glues with longer drying rates are recommended for new lash artists because they cure slower and allow more time for any possible lash application correction. Adhesives with shorter drying times are prescribed for veteran lash artists who are able perform lash applications with quick precision. The faster the glue cures to the eyelash, the less time for possible correction. Because eyelash glue begins to cure or dry the moment the eyelash is dipped into the adhesive, slow lash application can result in a partial bond.

3. Understand How Climate Affects Curing Speed

Environments with high humidity cause your eyelash extension glue to cure more quickly, while dry climates can slow down the curing rate of your glue. If your salon is located in a humid climate, you may want to choose a glue with a slower drying rate even if you are an experienced lash artist. The humidity may cause partial curing of the adhesive to occur before application, causing shorter eyelash retention.

4. Avoid Stockpiling Glue

As tempting as it might be to buy in bulk, only purchase the amount of glue proportional to your actual turnaround time with clients. Stockpiling glue is not recommended since eyelash extension glue performs best when used immediately. After a bottle is opened, it usually only lasts 30 to 60 days. There is an increased chance for degradation the longer your glue sits on the shelf. Poor glue consistency can affect eyelash retention.

5. Keep a Sensitive Formulation in Your Eyelash Kit

There are certain eyelash extension glues that are still formulated with harmful additives, such as formaldehyde and latex. Having a sensitive formulation on hand is essential to avoid unnecessary irritation from occurring. For clients with rash-prone skin, glues formulated with butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate are preferred because they are less toxic to the eye area.

It is important to note that these glues only lessen the severity of skin irritation and may not necessarily be completely irritation-free. They may also result in shorter eyelash retention times versus high-performance glues. Ensure that you educate your client on the possible cons of sensitive formulations.

6. Always Practice Before Using a New Eyelash Extension Glue

It is never a bad idea to try out different brands and types of eyelash extension glues. However, before using a new glue on a client, it is highly recommended to practice with it beforehand. No matter your expertise level, using an unfamiliar glue on a client is not advisable, as curing times generally have a very narrow window. You may even need to tweak your technique for each brand of glue that you use to achieve consistent eyelash application.

7. Avoid Oil-Based Eye Make-Up and Cleansers

Oil-based products can cause premature breakdown of the adhesive bond, resulting in much shorter eyelash retention. For optimal eyelash maintenance, eye makeup should be avoided. However, that is easier said than done. Gel-based eye make-up should be used while eyelash extensions are in place, and make-up should be carefully removed using water-based cleansers.

8. Stress Aftercare Education With Your Client

Educating your client on the importance of proper eyelash aftercare is essential for achieving the best results. Even if you use the highest quality eyelashes and extension glue, poor client aftercare will override your precise work. A client in the know will be happier in the long run. Remember to advise clients to avoid over-rubbing the eye area, as this can cause eyelash shedding.

Different Stages of applying eyelash extension adhesive

9. Upright Keeps the Glue Right

Proper storage of your extension glue is key for ensuring that your bottle lasts as long as possible. If your glue bottle is stored on its side, glue can get stuck in the nozzle, causing poor delivery. This may affect the curing rate of the glue to your client's eyelashes, resulting in a partial bond. When not in use, ensure that your adhesive bottles are standing upright. Before using your glue, you should always shake the bottle to ensure there is no buildup in the nozzle.

10. Tweak Your Technique

The quality of your glue and your selection of eyelash extensions can only be fully realized if you continually perfect your application technique. Because each lash must be individually applied, your speed and accuracy affects the overall curing rate and proper adhesive bonding. Continually practice with different glues in various climates to test and develop your application prowess.

Prevent a Sticky Situation With the Right Eyelash Extension Glue

Clearly, the choice and application of eyelash extension glue is crucial in executing top-notch lash application. We love all things involving eyelashes at Lash Stuff and understand that the products you choose can reflect the quality of your lash work and affect your client's satisfaction. Feel free to contact us for more information. We deliver an array of high-quality eyelash glues free of harmful latex and formaldehyde and various drying times to meet your professional needs.

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