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Warehouse Adhesive vs. Fresh Adhesive

Posted by Jess on Feb 08, 2017

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Does it matter where you get your eyelash extension adhesive? 

Eyelash extension adhesive is sold on a lot of websites from a lot of different people. Eyelash extension adhesive can be purchased on all the major retail websites to include eBay and Amazon. The problem is that you don’t know where that adhesive has been. How old is the adhesive? How the adhesive been transported? Where was it manufactured? How was it stored? How many companies (middle men) has the adhesive been through?

Eyelash extension adhesive is very temperamental. Many factors affect adhesive quality and longevity. Some of these factors are the age of the adhesive.

Eyelash extension adhesive is not glue. Eyelash extension adhesive is a specialized liquid plastic. This is why regular “glue” lasts years. Unopened eyelash extension adhesive, in the very best conditions usually lasts about 6 months. Once the adhesive bottle is opened it lasts between 30-60 days depending upon the temperature, the humidity, and adhesive care. So, once eyelash extension adhesive is manufactured the clock is ticking.

Eyelash extension adhesive is expensive! We get it. This is partially due to the cost of developing the adhesive but it is also due to the pain staking effort it takes to keep eyelash extension adhesive in a consistent cool environment, and transporting it as quick as possible. So, once eyelash extension adhesive is manufactured most eyelash extension companies will keep the adhesive as long as they need to. Did you know that most adhesive sits in a warehouse for months! This is because it is cheaper to manufacture eyelash extension adhesive in mass quantities. When I say mass, I mean tens of thousands of bottles at a time. These thousands of adhesive bottles then just sit in a hot warehouse and wait to be shipped out. There is no temperature control. There are no time controls. There are no humidity controls. It just sits.

Most eyelash extension adhesive goes through 2-5 “middle men”. This means that when you get your eyelash extension adhesive it has been bought and resold to 2-5 companies/people. The more people that have had contact with eyelash extension adhesive the worse off the adhesive is. This eyelash extension adhesive will not have been properly taken care of and is older.

When Brand X orders their adhesive, this adhesive that has just been sitting in a warehouse is then shipped to Brand X through the slowest way possible. Why, because it’s cheaper. So, this adhesive that has been just sitting in a hot warehouse is now sitting in a hot boat, or truck, taking its time getting to Brand X. This slow shipping method is taking time away from the life of the adhesive. Once Brand X gets this adhesive, they may or may not take proper care of the adhesive. Adhesive needs to be stored in a constant cool temperature with humidity regulation. This adhesive should expire in a very short time but Brand X has spent money on this adhesive. Once this adhesive reaches its expiration date Brand X should throw away this adhesive, but they don’t. This is because they do not want to lose money. So, when Lash Artists order from Brand X they are getting old warehouse adhesive that has not been taken care of properly.

Why should you care? 

Often we hear a Lash Artist say they buy eyelash extension adhesive from an unknown Brand X and they feel like the adhesive is “good enough”. The problem is that this Lash Artist does not know that there is something so much better out there. Poor adhesive reduces the amount of time eyelash extensions hold on to the natural eyelash. Poor adhesive has more fumes causing the clients eyes to tear up. Poor adhesive gives clients a worse experience.

At Lash Stuff we want your clients to have the best experience possible and that starts with awesome eyelash extension adhesive.

At Lash Stuff we sell 1,000s of bottles of eyelash adhesive every month. The easy thing to do would be to order two or three months of eyelash extensions adhesive at once. This would save us money and time. But, we only order enough adhesive for two weeks. What this does is ensure that the adhesive is always fresh. We have a partnership with a manufacture who we have personally met and inspected their facility. Lash Stuff uses NO middle men. All our adhesive comes directly from our manufacturing partner.

Lash Stuff adhesive is manufactured then stored in climate controlled refrigerators that control humidity. Next, Lash Stuff adhesive is shipped as soon as it is manufactured. We pay extra to have our adhesive expressed from the manufacture. This costs us more, but it keeps the adhesive in a climate controlled environment. Once we get the eyelash extension adhesive, we store all our adhesive in climate and humidity controlled refrigerators. Lastly, we do not store adhesive for longer than two weeks. No adhesive that is purchased from Lash Stuff is older than two weeks from its manufacturing date. What happens to adhesive that is older than two weeks? We throw it away. Yes, that’s right, we throw it away.

Lash Stuff adhesive has a longer shelf life, has little to no fumes, holds eyelash extensions longer, and makes clients happier. This is all because of the extreme steps we take to make sure you get the best possible eyelash extension adhesive. All Lash Stuff eyelash extension adhesive gets FREE 2-3 shipping in the USA and FREE 2 day shipping worldwide with the purchase of a 10ml bottle. This helps ensure the adhesive is out of the elements as quick as possible. We do not ship eyelash extension adhesive 1st class mail. We refuse to, because it will be out in the elements too long.

Why should you care? Better adhesive holds eyelash extensions longer, has less fumes, has a longer shelf life, and makes clients happier. So, to the Lash Artist that says their Brand X adhesive is “good enough” I say come and see what you have been missing. 

Brand X adhesive is some off brand cola and Lash Stuff eyelash extension adhesive is Classic Coke.