Brow Fixing Lotion 17ml


Product Description

Brow Lamination Step 3: Fixing Lotion

The Brow Fixing Lotion is the third step in the Brow Lamination process.  The Brow Fixing Lotion sets the eyebrows in flame after the Brow Lifting Lotion is applied. 



Shop Our Amazing Brow Fixing Lotion for Brow Lamination 

Our professional brow fixing lotion for brow lamination is designed to set your brows for superior results. Order yours today!


Our brow fixing lotion is the third and final step in your brow lamination process. It is designed specifically to be safe for eyebrows and ophthalmologically tested for your peace of mind. Our unique formula was created to set your brow lamination after the brow lifting lotion is applied. It is designed to be gentle and is both cruelty-free and vegan for an eyebrow lamination you can feel good about. Buy it separately or as part of our brow lamination kit. Our brow lamination kits come with everything you need to laminate brows with confidence. Our 17 ml bottle is designed for up to 20 uses and is ideal for professional use. It features an exceptional airless bottle to preserve your lotion in-between uses so you can use every single drop. 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?

This procedure typically lasts from four to six weeks, but with proper brow lamination aftercare, your lamination may last as long as eight weeks. Our brow fixing lotion is meant to help extend the life of your lamination and provides superior results. Enjoy fuller-looking and straighter eyebrows for longer when you use our brow fixing lotion as a part of our three-part system. 

Order Your Brow Fixing Lotion for Brow Lamination Today

If you are ready to upgrade the longevity of your brow lamination, be sure to order your brow fixing lotion today. You and your clients will love the look of their eyebrows when you choose the professional-grade brow lamination products we carry at Lash Stuff. Order yours today or shop the rest of our amazing eyelash and eyebrow products and enjoy fast shipping and affordable prices. 

Specifically Designed For Eyebrows

The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit is specifically designed for eyebrows.  Do not use a Lash Lift on the eyebrows that makes the skin red and could damage the eyebrows.  Use a real brow lamination kit. 

New Airless Bottles

The Brow Fixing Lotion comes in 17ml airless bottles that keeps the air from coming in contact with the lotion and preserves the lotion to the very last drop. With the airless bottles there is no waist. Only dispense the amount of product that you need at that time. 


20 Applications

Size: 17ml

Ingredients: Water, Ceteary Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ceteareth-20, Paraffi num Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Glycerin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Panthenol, Simethicone, Laureth-3, Tetrasodium Edta, Etidronic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Oxyquinoline Sulfate, Parfumerie (Fragrance). 


For professional use only.  Patch test required. If redness or irritation occurs stop the service immediately. 

Brow Fixing Lotion MSDS Download


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