New Lash Lift Step 2 Fixing Lotion - Sodium Bromate Free


Product Description

New Lash Stuff Step 2 Fixing Lotion Sodium Bromate Free Lash Lift Cream

Dramtic Lash Lift Curl For Professionals

Lash Stuff's new step 2 Lash Lifting Cream created dramaticly lifted natural lashes that stay curled for 6-8 weeks.  

Airless Bottles for Less Waste

Our Lifting Cream comes in airless bottles that keep air from touching the cream and eliminates waisted product. 

Get More Product For Your Money

Lash Stuff Lash Lifting cream comes in a 5ml airless bottle and performs up to 20 Applications

Size: 5ml/17floz

Up to 20 Applications based on 2 pumps per application.

IMPORTANT: Step 1 and Step 2 Lash Lift Creams are required to perform a Lash Lift application.

Cruelty Free

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