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Lash Lift vs Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Sara on Jun 14, 2021

Did you know that we've been styling our lashes since 4000 BC? Archeologists have found that our obsession with lush lashes dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Fast-forward more than than 6,000 years, and we're still on the hunt for fuller lashes to frame our eyes and make them pop.

One of the newest progressions in eyelash treatments is the lash lift. Like lash extensions, lash lifts are a long-lasting treatment that enhance your lashes for a number of weeks. However, this is about where their similarities to lash extensions end.

Have you been wondering how lash lifts compare to eyelash extensions? If yes, keep reading as we compare lash lifts vs classic lash extensions.

Lash Lift vs Eyelash Extensions

What Is a Lash Lift and How Does It Work?

Put simply, lash lifts are like perms for your lashes. If you've ever curled your eyelashes, then you know what a difference bending them upwards can make.

Curling lashes to lie more upright makes them more visible against the skin of your eyelids. Because you can see more of the length this gives the illusion of longer lashes.

A lash lift is like the long-term, 2.0 version of curling your lashes.

During a lash lift, the beautician will curl your lashes onto a silicone mold, and apply two setting creams to make the lashes hold their shape and stay in their new curled position.

Lash lifts are commonly done in conjunction with a lash tint.

If you opt for a lash lift and tint, the beautician will also tint your lashes to a darker shade. This enhances the lash lift and makes your lashes even more noticeable and prominent.

How Do Lash Extensions Work?

If you're new to the world of eyelash enhancement treatments, you might also be wondering what natural eyelash extensions are.

Eyelash extensions work by attaching false lashes onto your existing lashes with adhesive. Instead of just working with your natural lashes, extensions add extra faux lashes to your natural lashes, making them look longer and fuller.

If you're ever used magnetic eyelashes, then you have some idea of what lash extensions are like. However, lash extensions last a lot longer than temporary fake eyelashes. They are also more customizable.

When getting eyelash extensions done, you can choose how many faux lashes you want attached to each natural eyelash.

This gives you control over how thick and dramatic you want to go. If you want to stick to a semi-natural look, you can opt for fewer "falsies." On the other hand, if you want to go all-in you can opt for an ultra-sultry look and get up to four faux lashes for every natural lash.

Lash Lifts and Extensions Compared

Now that we've gone over how lash lifts and classic eyelash extensions work, let's compare these two treatments side by side. Including their effect, cost, wearability, maintenance, and more.


Because you're not adding anything except curl and color, a lash lift yields a more natural look than eyelash extensions. However, they do significantly affect the look of one's lashes.

This makes lash lifts great if you just want to look like you have amazing natural lashes.

On the other hand, if you want a more dramatic enhancement, then you might want to opt for lash extensions. Lash extensions typically don't look very natural, especially to the trained eye. However, they are very impactful and can be ideal if you're craving that over-the-top lash look.


After you have had a lash lift you aren't likely to notice a difference in the feeling of your lashes. Because nothing has been added but tinting and perming, they will feel almost exactly the same.

Lash extensions, however, can feel significantly different from your regular lashes. You will most likely feel the weight of the false lashes. Besides this, traditional eyelash extensions can also block some of your vision.

Because of this eyelash extensions aren't always the most practical solution for everyone. For instance, if you play a lot of sports, or do a job where you need unobstructed vision (such as a surgeon) then lash extensions probably aren't the right treatment.

Lash lifts however don't interfere with vision, which makes them ideal if you're someone who can't deal with these downsides of traditional eyelash extensions.

Length of the Procedure

If you're someone who can't stand long beauty treatments, then you'll be interested to know that a lash lift is a far quicker process than traditional eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions typically take between 90-180 minutes to get done. In comparison, a lash lift usually requires 45-60 minutes to complete.

If you can't afford to spend over two hours at the salon doing a lash treatment, then a lash lift can be a great way to enhance your lashes in less than half the time.


Wondering about the maintenance when it comes to a lash lift vs eyelash extensions? This is another area where the lash lift shines.

Lash lifts require no maintenance between treatments. You can also apply mascara to your lifted lashes without a problem. In fact, you may even find that mascara application is easier after a lash lift.

In contrast, eyelash extensions can require quite a bit of maintenance. The reason for this is that as your natural lashes fall out, they can leave behind visible gaps in your extensions.

Most people lose an average of 1-5 lashes per day. Thanks to this, you will usually need to get your lashes filled every 2-3 weeks.

This will keep them from looking patchy, however, you can't fill lash extensions indefinitely. After 5-6 weeks you will need to go in for eyelash extension removal and have them fully redone.

Also, take note that you need to take care of your eyelash extensions. It's often advised that you don't rub your eyes, sleep on your side, or use a sleeping mask or mascara.

While you can opt to do these things, you may find that the lifespan of your extensions is shorter.


Another critical question when it comes to lash lifts vs eyelash extensions is longevity. How long does a lash lift last? How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lash lifts can last anywhere between 4-8 weeks.

As mentioned above eyelash extensions last for roughly 5-6 weeks. However, they do require filling every couple of weeks.

Another perk to a lash lift is that you don't have to rush to the salon when it's run its course. Because a lash lift is essentially just a perm of your natural lashes, they will simply uncurl and slowly go back to their original shape. This means you will discreetly transition back to your entirely natural lash look.

This is not the case with lash extensions. Because lash extensions are glued onto your existing lashes, you need to have them professionally removed to avoid breakages. If you don't do this, you'll be left with patchy lashes.

Great Lash Lift


When it comes to the cost of a lash lift vs eyelash extensions, lash lifts come in considerably cheaper.

Exact prices vary, however, lash lifts typically cost between $75 to $150.

Lash extensions, on the other hand, will usually run you between $150 and $200. What's more, the refills generally cost somewhere between $55-$65 for each session.

When weighing up the costs of lash enhancement treatments, it's worth mentioning that you shouldn't focus solely on price. Whether you're doing a lash lift or lash extensions, always make sure you're going with a qualified and professional technician who knows what they're doing and won't damage your lashes during the procedure.

Thinking about doing your own lash treatments or offering them to others? If so, you definitely want to make sure you get the right training. If you're interested in getting qualified to do lash lifts check out this guide on the benefits of lash lift training.

Irritation Risks

Another thing to be aware of when doing any kind of beauty treatment is potential irritation or allergy risks.

Lash lifts typically come with minimal allergy risks because they don't involve the use of harsh adhesives. Lash extensions do though.

The glue used for adhering lash extensions to your natural lashes contains various chemical compounds, which can cause irritations or allergic reactions in some people. Allergic reaction symptoms include burning, itching, red, swollen, and watery eyes.

If you have sensitive eyes and typically can't handle hair and skincare products that contain fragrances and harsh ingredients, then you might want to avoid traditional lash extensions and rather opt for a lash lift.

Looking to Do Your Own Lash Lift or Lash Extension Treatment?

Both lash lifts and lash extensions come with their own set of pros and cons. Lash lifts are typically cheaper, quicker, easier to maintain, and longer-lasting. However, a lash lift yields a more natural effect, and won't give you as dramatic results as lash extensions.

A lash lift also won't necessarily make your lashes look thicker, they will just make them appear longer and more noticeable.

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