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Top 10 Products Needed in An Eyelash Extension Kit

Posted by Misty on May 10, 2021

Learn What Products an Eyelash Extension Should Have

Are you ready to grow your business and start offering eyelash extensions? Wondering where the heck to start? I know, it can be really daunting trying to find the right teacher and a kit that is worth it. Classes can be so dang expensive, as well as the kits. Aside from the instructor and the knowledge they teach you, if I spend a lot of money on a class/kit and the kit is a letdown, that makes all the difference to me. I want to share with you today, the top 10 things you want to look for in a classic eyelash extension kit (we all have to start somewhere, and you can’t just jump right into volume without having the classic knowledge, pun intended!).

Using an eyelash extension kit

Top 10 items:

  • Lash Extension Glue: This is an especially important thing to have in your kit. Obviously without it, you couldn’t apply the extensions to the lashes. Not just any adhesive will do either. I would recommend researching and looking up reviews on the adhesive that they are providing. Not all adhesive is created equal. Adhesive has an extremely short shelf life of 30-60 days, whether you used it once, 50 times, or haven’t even opened it. It is also very temperamental; it needs to be kept cool and in a 40-60% humid environment. Most places that sell it have multiple middlemen and sit in hot warehouses for weeks or even months before it gets to you. More on this here.

  • Eyelash Extension Trays: Without these, well, what would be the point? Aside from the importance of just having them in your kit, how many trays are you getting? Are they good quality? Do you have the option to pick what material they are? At Lash Stuff, you get 4 trays of mixed lengths and your choice of synthetic silk or faux mink.

  • Eyelash Extension Pre-treatment: Product that cleans the natural lashes before eyelash extensions are applied, helps glue adhesion, and primes the lashes. Without pre-treating your clients’ lashes, you will most definitely not have maximum adhesion. Pre-treating strips all the oil and any residue left on the natural lashes. This is extremely important to have proper retention. No one wants clients coming back within a week of their appointment because all, or most of their extensions fell off.

  • Eyelash Extension Tweezers: These better come in your kit! You can’t perform this service without them. Lash Stuff’s Deluxe Kit comes with 2, LS-1107 eyelash extension tweezers. It is a simple, but useful tweezer. It gets the job done and will last for a long time. This tweezer is great for applying classic eyelash extensions. The Deluxe Kit also comes with an LS-1108 tweezer. Having a hard time isolating eyelashes? This tweezer is straight which bends slightly toward the tip to allow a downward access while isolating the natural lashes of your client.

  • Gel Eye Pads: This is the one thing your client will notice most. These are a necessity to keep the bottom lashes safe and secure. These lint free eye gel pads are super smooth on the top, giving the client a comfortable feel. The smoothness keeps tweezers and other items from catching onto the gel pad. The bottom of the eye gel pad has great cling to the skin and will keep the clients’ eyelashes in place. If you accidentally place the eye gel pad in the wrong place don't worry, it has been designed to keep its cling so that you can readjust the gel pad multiple times if needed.

  • Mascara Spoolie BrushesEyelash Spoolie Brushes are important for you and your client. These are used multiple times throughout an appointment. Not only do you want to use them before the extension application to straighten out their natural lashes, but also throughout the service to make sure the extension has adhered properly and to keep the lashes maintained. Always send one home with your client so they can brush through them daily. With them doing this, it will help them to not touch their lash extensions with their fingers.

  • Nano Mister: This is used to cure the eyelash extensions at the end of each appointment.The Nano Mist Sprayer uses nano-meter atomization technology, which enables the distilled water to be atomized into micron size. It is a revolutionary product that completely changes how we do eyelash extensions. What is curing you ask? Curing is when the adhesive dries all the way through to the center, by absorbing moisture from the air. This usually takes around 24 hours to complete. With the nano mister, the adhesive is cured in 30 seconds. By curing the lashes at the end of the lash appointment, your client can go home and wash their lashes that evening.

  • Cream Adhesive Remover: Eyelash Extension Cream Adhesive Remover is used to remove the eyelash extensions. An important thing to learn when taking an extension class. Sometimes clients want to take a break from wearing extensions and you need to know how and what to use to carefully remove them. Lash Stuff’s Pink Cream Adhesive Remover is hypo-allergenic, non-fragrance and great for clients with sensitive eyes.

  • Micropore Tape: this is a useful product to have in your kit. 3M is a high-quality medical tape that helps secure any stubborn lower lashes down. You can also use it for clients that have a hooded lid, to help lift the skin to get better access to their lashes. Because of the quality, it won’t hurt your client when removing it.

  • Lash map: Such an important tool to have, especially when you are first learning. The lash map helps you to map out the lengths you will be using in what sections of the eyes and helps to get both eyes even. They are designed to be placed on top of the eye gel pads so that your client can still have the comfort of the gel pad.

Deluxe Eyelash Extension Kit

Most eyelash extension kits that I’ve searched online, only have about 3-4 of these top 10 things in them. You are either going to get a free sample kit and just pay for the class, or you will get a really nice kit that cost an arm and a leg, on top of paying for the class as well. With Lash Stuff’s Deluxe Eyelash Extension Kit for $349.99, you get a free 2 day in-person training. The first day is theory and practicing on a mannequin. The second day you will perform the service on two different models while you have a trainer watching and helping to guide you every step of the way.